Design Exhibition in Carrara: STONESTYLE - territorio & design

STONESTYLE - territorio & design coming to Carrara

 The absolute protagonist will be the marble of carrara, carved by using the most innovative technologies.

From Tuesday, 9th June to Sunday, 21st June works by international architects and designers realized by companies of the territory on display. Free admission.  


StoneStyle- Territorio&design is an exhibition of high-design products created by the best architects and interior and exterior designers in the world and made by Carrara companies with the raw material present in the territory.

The event is divided into two phases:

  • From June 9th to June 12th, Carrara will see the presence of a large number of architects and designers from the most important markets of the sector (the U.S., Russia, the Arab countries and Europe) as well as some specialized journalists. Until June 12th, foreign professionals will visit marble quarries and companies, where they will have the opportunity to experience the most sophisticated marble-cutting technologies.
  • From June 12th to June 21st, the exhibition will open (free admission) to all citizens and tourists interested in discovering the new trends of interior and exterior design and willing to know more about the Carrara marble world. The exhibition, free of admission, will be held at the Centre of Plastic Arts of Carrara, the former Convent of St. Francis, in a setting specially designed and built by Studio Santachiara of Milan.


DESIGNERS: Denis Santachiara for HENRAUX - Kengo Kuma for IL CASONE - Alberto Meda for CAMPOLONGHI - Paolo Armenise for FRANCHI MARMI - Enrico Tonucci for MANIFESTO - Filippo Tincolini for TOR ART - Emmanuel Babled for TOR ART - Corcione & Tinucci for ANZILOTTI - Vincenzo Bennardi for RIVERSTONE.

According to the National Institute for Foreign Trade, "the exhibition Stone Style - Territorio & Design has the purpose of repositioning Tuscan stone products in a high segment of the market, by promoting the use of stone in design and its innovative applications related to processing technologies, as well as its connection with the region from which it comes. " "Given the particular economic situation and the importance of the stone industry for Tuscany, particularly that of the Carrara district, the National Institute for Foreign Trade has sought to concentrate all the economic and planning efforts on the involvement of professionals from all over the world” says ICE. “We believe in the success of this initiative and we are also certain that one of the most important steps to strengthen the loyalty of design professionals is letting them know that endless possibilities of carving marble are made possible by new technologies”. "The district of Carrara marble is one of the most important in our territory, both because of its turnover and number of employees and the prestige of its products worldwide. From the quarrying and processing of materials to the design and realization of works with the highest level of innovation, the strength of this sector has always been confirmed, even in this time of economic crisis. The fact remains that we need to focus on the district and that we should continue to encourage the growth of the relationship between companies and research that has allowed the development of high technology working procedures that are internationally unique, " says Ambrogio Brenna, Councillor in charge of Industry for Regione Toscana. "I believe that the Stone Style event is very useful in this respect, because it will enable architects, planners and designers from around the world to know the peculiarities of the district and establish a relationship with local companies, aiming at a future cooperation" says Brenna. "CarraraFiere strongly wished that the Stone Style event would took place in Carrara and more or less in the traditional period in which the International Exhibition CarraraMarmotec (whose 30th edition will be held on 19-22 May 2010) takes place,” explains the President of IMM SpA, Giorgio Bianchini. “Following the decision to organize the event every two years, we wanted an event that could allow us, in the year when the Fair does not take place, to draw international attention to our stone district, Carrara and its Fair. We believe that the promotion of CarraraMarmotec 2010 through its preliminary events such as Stone Style and the subsequent redefinition of the relationship between material, technology and design will prove successful”. "We have chosen to focus on design because it represents the planning discipline that allows you to give free play to creativity by extolling the potential of the material itself.” – states Bianchini. “Therefore, this year CarraraMarmotec will not took place, but like never before people talk and talk about the 30th edition of the Fair. We have an appointment then at the CarraraMarmotec 2010. Special thanks go to the Institute for Foreign Trade and Regione Toscana for promoting and organizing this international event so important for the city of Carrara. " 

The exhibition is organized by the Ministry of Economic Development, the National Institute for Foreign Trade (ICE, Istituto nazionale per il Commercio Estero), Regione Toscana, Toscana Promozione, Internazionale Marmi e Macchine and CarraraFiere.

  • Address: Centro Arti Plastiche (ex-Convento di S.Francesco) -Via Verdi angolo Via Canal del Rio - Carrara
  • Exhibition Opening Hours: Tuesday, June 9th: 17,00-21.00; Wednesday, 10th June to Friday, 12th June: 11,00-19,00; Saturday and Sunday (13th-14th June): 11,00-20,00; Monday, June 15th: closed; Tuesday, 16th June to Sunday, 21st June: 11,00-19,00
  • Information: tel. 0585/779681
  • Website:
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