Florentine Carnival in the World 2009

For the seventh year, Florence celebrates the Carnival in all its traditions and with people from all over the world.

The festival is the result of a strong support given by the Council for Promotion of Popular Traditions and the Council of Foreigners, and that sees the historic districts of Florence (District 1 and 3) participating in a colorful parade along with the multi-ethnic community foreigners that live in this city. The celebration of Florence long and illustrious history is mixed with the traditions of countries throughout the world in a spirit of joyful harmony among nations.

The parade will be held Sunday 22nd February 2009 starting at 14:30 from Piazza Ognissanti, in the city center, continue along the Lungarni, Via Tornabuoni, Via de 'Pecori, Via Calzaioli and then it will reach Piazza della Signoria, where each community will perform with its music and traditional dances.

The parade will be opened by the "Corteo Storico della Repubblica Fiorentina", followed by the group "Corteo del Mese Mediceo", the "Carrozza dell'Associazione Cavallo Ambiente" and by the several communities that will parade each one in their traditional custom: some walking along the itinerary, others on carnival floats or on the carnival electric train.

The foreign communities living in Florence are 26: Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Peru, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Finland, Bolivia, Honduras, Albania, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Cape Verde, Japan, Senegal, Spain , China (Wushu Institute), Brazil, Bangladesh, Associazione Pro children (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), Sweden and Russia.

More: www.comune.firenze.it

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