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Design Exhibition in Carrara: STONESTYLE - territorio & design

STONESTYLE - territorio & design coming to Carrara

 The absolute protagonist will be the marble of carrara, carved by using the most innovative technologies.

From Tuesday, 9th June to Sunday, 21st June works by international architects and designers realized by companies of the territory on display. Free admission.  


StoneStyle- Territorio&design is an exhibition of high-design products created by the best architects and interior and exterior designers in the world and made by Carrara companies with the raw material present in the territory.

ART - 73th International Handicraft Trade Fair Florence

ART 2009 73th International Handicraft Trade Fair FlorenceART, the International Handicraft Trade Fair, is going to take place again at the Fortezza da Basso of Florence, following the success of the last exhibition: the most important and expected fair which every year stages the latest trends of Italian and foreign top-grade craftsmanship.

No. 73 exhibition is scheduled to open up on Saturday 25th April, and it will go on until Sunday 3rd May 2009, offering day after day, together with the commercial fair, a rich and multifaceted amount of events and initiatives.

Live working, meetings, workshops, presentations, all of them promoted and organised in collaboration with Artex and the main trade associations.

Main characters: opinion leaders and outstanding personages of the artisan world.

Keywords: strengthening the role in Florence of ART as a first-rate shop-window for top-grade artistic handicraft, as well as an international platform to check the perspectives of the handicraft world, taking into consideration its continuous change and innovation.

Exhibition in Florence: Galileo. Images of the universe from antiquity to the telescope

Galileo Exhibition in Florence - March 13 - August 30, 2009

2009 is the year dedicated to Galileo.

Palazzo Strozzi hosts a major exhibition dedicated to the extraordinary human and intellectual adventure that led to the current conception of the universe.
The exhibition reconstructs the history of the Cosmos, as designed and shown extending the Scientific Revolution, in the context of social and cultural events that have characterized the Mediterranean and European civilization.

An exciting journey that starts with the visions and mystical poetry prior to the Greeks, it enriches the complex architecture of Ptolemy, passing through the vital contribution of astronomy and Arab lands to the revolutionary theory of Copernicus shot from Galileo and Kepler, which contributed significantly the affirmation of the final new concept of the universe.

This fascinating history is illustrated dramatically from scientific instruments of exceptional beauty and ingenuity, celestial atlases, drawings, paintings, sculptures, archaeological finds and precious illuminated manuscripts from the most prestigious museums and libraries around the world. All this is explained and supported by extraordinary operating cosmological models made for the occasion. Multimedia applications and suggestive movies explore the key issues. Look at the video of the exhibition.

March, 8th 2009 - Free admission to all women in the places of Art

The MiBAC celebrates this year, for the third consecutive time, the Festa della Donna. Free admission to all women in the places of Art participating to the event. Under the slogan "Women in Art" it has been organized a full program of free concerts, exhibitions, workshops, debates, screenings, and any event that can be representative for the Art seen from the women point of view, in space and time.

Exhibition in Arezzo 2009: The Della Robbia - Dialogue between the Arts in the Renaissance

In Arezzo, after the exhibition on Piero della Francesca's, another exceptional international exposure: The Della Robbia - Dialogue between the Arts in the Renaissance.

The exhibition which opened on 21 February 2009 in Arezzo, near the headquarters of the State Museum of Medieval and Modern Art, is an opportunity to retrace the fascinating journey of terracotta in the Renaissance by highlighting the close dialogue with the "three arts sisters"  (sculpture, painting and architecture) and the varied world of the "decorative arts" (earthenware, porcelain, mosaics, glass, enamels, gold, marquetry,etc.).

The exhibition contains about 140 works and offers some exceptional news as the Annunciation with polychrome decorations in gold, dating from the late fifteenth century, which once was kept in a chapel in the Church of San Francesco in Barga (LU).

Set up in the Arezzo State Museum of Medieval and Modern Art and organized by Giancarlo Gentilini and Liletta Fornasari, the exhibition ‘I Della Robbia, il dialogo tra le Arti nel Rinascimento’ intends to demonstrate the versatile and fascinating development of the art of glazed terracotta created by the Della Robbia family, and thus called ‘robbiana’, during the Renaissance: starting from the mysterious reasons for the ingenious ‘invention’ of Luca della Robbia to the diffusion of this “new, useful and beautiful” art, as developed by the Della Robbia family and by the rival Buglioni’s workshop; but most of all, this exhibition wishes to examine, for the first time, the close and fertile relationship existing between the varied arts.

Florentine Carnival in the World 2009

For the seventh year, Florence celebrates the Carnival in all its traditions and with people from all over the world.

The festival is the result of a strong support given by the Council for Promotion of Popular Traditions and the Council of Foreigners, and that sees the historic districts of Florence (District 1 and 3) participating in a colorful parade along with the multi-ethnic community foreigners that live in this city. The celebration of Florence long and illustrious history is mixed with the traditions of countries throughout the world in a spirit of joyful harmony among nations.

The parade will be held Sunday 22nd February 2009 starting at 14:30 from Piazza Ognissanti, in the city center, continue along the Lungarni, Via Tornabuoni, Via de 'Pecori, Via Calzaioli and then it will reach Piazza della Signoria, where each community will perform with its music and traditional dances.

The parade will be opened by the "Corteo Storico della Repubblica Fiorentina", followed by the group "Corteo del Mese Mediceo", the "Carrozza dell'Associazione Cavallo Ambiente" and by the several communities that will parade each one in their traditional custom: some walking along the itinerary, others on carnival floats or on the carnival electric train.

The foreign communities living in Florence are 26: Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Peru, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Finland, Bolivia, Honduras, Albania, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Cape Verde, Japan, Senegal, Spain , China (Wushu Institute), Brazil, Bangladesh, Associazione Pro children (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), Sweden and Russia.


Valentine's Day 2009 at the Museum in Tuscany, for all Art Lovers

Innamorati dell'Arte a San Valentino!
Innamorati dell'Arte a San Valentino! (last update 13/02/09!)
Also this year the Ministry for Cultural Heritage (MiBAC) is celebrating Valentine's Day, opening the doors of Italian places of art to all lovers of art.  The event includes the entrance of two visitors at a cost of only one ticket and other initiatives to be implemented in collaboration with the dealers service of welcome and hospitality for the public.

These the events reported by the MiBAC for Tuscany:

1) In Province of Lucca
Mostra: "Innamorati" paintings created by Marco Dolfi for the feast of St. Valentine
Forte dei Marmi - Museo Ugo Guidi. From 14/02/2009 to 06/03/2009

2) In Province of Florence
Free visit to the Museo dei Ferri Taglienti
Scarperia - Palazzo dei Vicari. From 14/02/2009 to 14/02/2009

3) In Province of Siena
Valentine's Day: Free Visit at the Museum of Sarteano
Sarteano - Museo Civico Archeologico. From14/02/2009 to 14/02/2009

We will update the list as soon as new events will be announced!

Christmas markets and Cribs in Tuscany

It is time for Christmas. Admit it or not, crisis or no crisis, we breathe the magical air of this time, and the events related to Christmas come out as mushrooms! In Tuscany, in every town people take every opportunity to make feast, even with little. And to save money, you know, it is good to think to the gifts in advance.

Why not to get some idea by visiting the many Christmas markets where the choice and opportunities are not lacking?

For all Visitors to Tuscany and Tirreno, we thought to a small gift: a new page dedicated to Christmas Events held in our region. You'll find all the Christmas markets and all the Nativity of Tuscany in the same google map ... and since they are really lots, we have also divided the events province by province.

We hope it to be a pleasant gift!

Greetings to everybody!

Go to the page "Christmas markets and Cribs in Tuscany"


Would you like a shot of Vin Santo?

Montefollonico, suburb of Vin Santo for excellenceA weekend of December in Montefollonico, suburb of Vin Santo for excellence.

From Saturday 6/12 to Monday 8/12, in Torrita di Siena starts the fifth edition of the event. Many meetings and initiatives and in conclusion, the prize-winners of the competition "The Vin Santo home-made".

With the holiday season, comes the fifth edition of "Would you like a shot of Vin Santo?", The event dedicated to the amber colored wine, is held every year at Montefollonico, a pretty village in the province of Siena. The appointment, scheduled from Saturday 6 to Monday 8 December, is to enhance the tradition of domestic production of Vino Santo, a niche product for quality that in the past farmers offered to their guests as a gesture of welcome and friendship.

Art, entertainment, tastings of the best home-made Vin Santi and of the typical products of the area, but also moments of confrontation and deepening. These are the ingredients...

Jonas Mekas exhibition in Lucca

jonas mekasLucca, Fondazione Centro Studi sull'Arte - Licia e Carlo Ludovico Ragghianti – Via S. Micheletto, 3 - from October 10th to November 2nd 2008 - opening time:10-13; 15-19 closed on Monday - Free entrance.

Jonas Mekas, leading exponent of the cinematographic language’s renewal and researcher of the artistic resources of the new electronic visual media, is the protagonist, from October 10 to November 2, of the exhibition cured by the Fondazione Ragghianti in collaboration with the Lucca Film Festival 2008, which dedicates to the artist in concomitance with the exhibition, a wide filmic retrospective.

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