March, 8th 2009 - Free admission to all women in the places of Art

The MiBAC celebrates this year, for the third consecutive time, the Festa della Donna. Free admission to all women in the places of Art participating to the event. Under the slogan "Women in Art" it has been organized a full program of free concerts, exhibitions, workshops, debates, screenings, and any event that can be representative for the Art seen from the women point of view, in space and time.

After the great transformations of the role of women in society that occurred in the twentieth century remains a great uncertainty about what leads being a woman today and what it means to express themselves freely. In this context, the role of art is very important because it can
express reality in an universal way, overcoming any cultural barrier. The disruptive language of Arts has the task of reaffirm that equality is not synonymous with uniformity, but is the result of a harmonious vision and of the understanding of world.
Art and culture, therefore, may contribute to a more active participation of women and elevated to the different areas of society, so as to make them more balanced participation in different spheres of social life.

To reinforce this message, on 8th March, the MiBAC gives all women free admission to places of state art museums,
monuments, archives, libraries, archaeological sites.

Deals in Tuscany

Province of Florence:

Exhibition "Permanent Passengers" by Alessandra Ragionieri
During the day dedicated to women, the Museo Casa Siviero presents a Tuscan artist who is compared to the works and the history of house museum. The exhibition "Permanent Passengers" by Alessandra Ragionieri is inspired by the continuing voyages of Rodolfo Siviero to recover works of art, in turn, continually moved after the war and thefts. Exhibition of maps, objects, transparent gauze, watercolors, etchings.
From 08/03/2009 to 27/04/2009
Place: Casa Museo Rodolfo Siviero, Lungarno Serristori, 1-3 Florence.
Hours: Saturday 10.00-18.00 hours; Sunday and Monday  10.00-13.00 hours; Sunday March 8 opening hours 10:30.

# Film Screening: The woman of the screen
An event dedicated to ten Italian women directors: Antonietta De Lillo, Francesca Archibugi, Cristina Comencini, Quatriglio Costanza, Francesca Comencini, Anna Negri, Roberta Torre, Wilba Labate, Silvana Maya, Alina Marazzi. Some of them, namely De Lillo, Labate, Marazzi and Negri will be present to the screening. A kaleidoscope of stories to talk about women, feelings, family; an exciting travel discovering of the auteur cinema of the women. All women which will borrow a book at the Library E. Ragionieri in the days of 7, 8, 9 March will receive a free ticket for cinema Grotta on 9 March at 9:00 pm.
From 09/03/2009 to 07/04/2009
Place: Cinema Multisala Grotta, Via Gramsci Sesto Fiorentino (FI)
Hours: 21.00 - 23.00

# Other: Tribute to women
All women which will borrow a book at the Library E. Ragionieri in the days of 7, 8, 9 March will receive a floreal tribute and a free ticket for cinema Grotta on 9 March at 9:00 pm.
They will receive also the traditional BIBLIODONNA, a brochure with tips for reading on the topic of women's
done in collaboration with the Library of Empoli and the Society for the circulating library.
From 07/03/2009 to 09/03/2009
Location: Public Library E. Ragionieri Via Fratti, 1 Sesto Fiorentino (FI)
Hours: Saturday 9.00-13.00; Sunday 10.00-12.00; Monday 14.00-19.00 and 21.00-23.30;

# Opening Extraordinary: Woman's Day
Meeting with a tribute to all women:  a press with engraving 1914 Primo Conti
From 08/03/2009 to 08/03/2009
Place: Museo Primo Conti, Via G. Duprè, 18 Fiesole (FI)
Hours: 10.00 - 12.00

# Guided Tour: Guided tours of the Synagogue and Jewish Museum of Florence
The event provides for the smooth opening of the Synagogue and the Jewish Museum with a guided tour service. For the occasion, the role of women in both family life and in religious life will be investigated. All visitors can admire the Temple and the Museum arranged on two floors. For women there is a reduced ticket. Synagogue and the Jewish Museum of Florence are located in the city center and have a beautiful and large garden.
From 08/03/2009 to 08/03/2009
Location: The Synagogue and Jewish Museum Via Farini n. 6 Florence
Hours: 10.00 - 15.00

Provincia di Lucca

# To See: "Elisa Corsini" sculptures and drawings of a sculptress created for the Women's Day.
The "Friends of the Museum Ugo Guidi - Onlus" have asked the sculptress Elena Corsini to create works on the occasion of the celebration of Women. Ugo Guidi Museum is the home of the sculptor Ugo Guidi (1912 - 1977) where they are exposed more than 600 sculptures in marble, stone, clay, wood, paintings and drawings that trace more than forty years of activities, from the 40s to 70s. Since 2006, the house-museum promotes educational activities and cultural exhibitions, concerts, book presentations, dance performances, courses papier. It collaborates with universities,Academies and Institutes of the Arts.
From 07/03/2009 to 02/04/2009
Place: Museum Ugo Guidi Via M. Civitali, 33 Vittoria Apuana, Forte dei Marmi (LU)
Hours: on 7/3/09 16.00 - 19.00 without reservation; In the days following the opening is by appointment

# To See: Art between the masks. Paintings and sculptures of the masters of the paper
from 20/02/2009 to 29/03/2009
Location: Villa Paolina Bonaparte Via Machiavelli, 2 Viareggio (LU)
Hours: 16.00 - 19.00. Closed on Monday. Free entrance
Sito Web:

# Guided Tour: DonnaScultura
The art in the eyes and in the sensibilities of women. Four international sculptresses talk about themselves, between life experiences and creative pathways, in a common exhibition project. This is Margot Homan, Morgana, Shelley Robzen e Zoe de L’Isle Whittier. DonnaScultura, VII edition, is an initiative of the Departments of Culture and Equal Opportunities of the City of Pietrasanta. A survey on female sculpture, curated by Valentina Fogher and Chiara Celli.
From 08/03/2009 to 08/03/2009
Location: Church of St. Augustine Piazza del Duomo, Pietrasanta (LU)
Hours: Free visit 16.00 - 19.00; Guided tour 17.00

Province of Siena

# Free visit: Women's Day at the Museum
Free entrance for women. The museum exhibits materials from the Etruscan necropolis of the territory (from IX to I sec. BC): to particular interest are the ossuari Canopus, the stones and pottery painted V and IV century. a.C.
From 08/03/2009 to 08/03/2009
Location: Museo Civico Archeologico-Palazzo Gabrielli Via Roma, 24 Sarteano (SI)

Province of Pisa

# Theater Prose: Women in corto - Short tragic and tragicomic stories of women
The show is composed of two "corti": 1) Lady Emme, a monologue that brings together in one solution all the words of Lady Macbeth, in sequence, as encountered in the Shakespearean text. It is a story of men told by a woman who, for a moment, was capable of directing the course of events. But Lady Emme is also the "history" of an actress came at the end, when - for interiors reasons that remain unknown to us - she abandon herself to alcohol and pills to escape from the real world and she refugees in the theatrical fiction, that of Lady, indeed, who she has played many times at the theater. 2) Gosposia Bolero, the strange ballet built over the music of Ravel set up by five Polish immigrants hunting for a residence permit and a secure job as a domestic in Italy.
From 07/03/2009 to 07/03/2009
Location: Biblioteca dell'Istituto Superiore di Istruzione Statale "Antonio Pesenti", Via Aldo Moro, 6 Cascina (PI)
Hours: 21.30 - 23:00

We will update regularly the list of events. For more information:


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