ART - 73th International Handicraft Trade Fair Florence

ART 2009 73th International Handicraft Trade Fair FlorenceART, the International Handicraft Trade Fair, is going to take place again at the Fortezza da Basso of Florence, following the success of the last exhibition: the most important and expected fair which every year stages the latest trends of Italian and foreign top-grade craftsmanship.

No. 73 exhibition is scheduled to open up on Saturday 25th April, and it will go on until Sunday 3rd May 2009, offering day after day, together with the commercial fair, a rich and multifaceted amount of events and initiatives.

Live working, meetings, workshops, presentations, all of them promoted and organised in collaboration with Artex and the main trade associations.

Main characters: opinion leaders and outstanding personages of the artisan world.

Keywords: strengthening the role in Florence of ART as a first-rate shop-window for top-grade artistic handicraft, as well as an international platform to check the perspectives of the handicraft world, taking into consideration its continuous change and innovation.

The visitor will be guided along a charming path, articulated into six wide theme areas


discovering manufactured products and workmanship, following the tracks of a craft made of passion and giving birth to unique and inimitable pieces, placed between tradition and design.

ART, an event not to be missed, a meeting point between producers and consumers, artisan shops, small and medium-size concerns, interior designers, proprietors of shops and galleries, sealing the historical association between Florence and the top-grade features of “hand-made” products.

Where is the exhibition:

Fortezza da Basso, Viale Strozzi 1 - 50129 Firenze

From 25th April to 3rd May 2009   Hours: every day from 10.00 to 23.00; last day from 10.00 to 20.00

Ticket price is unchanged from 2008. Details as follows.
Admission Ticket € 5,00
Reduced € 5,00 for 2 people - (coupon of the newspaper Venerdì di Repubblica 24th April)
Reduced € 4,00 - (flyer = € 4,00 per person)
Reduced € 4,00 for 2 people  - Booking online (from Monday to Friday holidays excluded)
Reduced € 4,00 (every day) - (from Monday to Wednesday € 2,00 per person) - extended to the following conventions: Holder of a valid bus ticket or train ticket in the days of the exhibition; Membership ACI and ARC Europe, Members ASSOCRAL and CRAL, COOP members, car.. more on the website.
Special ticket € 9,00: entrance to ART and to Galileo's exhibition “Galileo.Immagini dell’universo dall’antichità al telescopio”” (Palazzo Strozzi,13th March – 30th June 2009)

Free entrance for children under 12. 
More info on the website:


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