Cantine Aperte Day 2009 in Tuscany on 31st May

cantine-aperte-2009-toscana-31 May 2009 is Wine Day - Cantine Aperte, even in Tuscany!

At last we are! One of the most long-awaited events related to good wine and good food: the one with Cantine Aperte, the most important event that is taking place in Italy from seventeen years involving wine, as the main protagonist togheter with the people who produce it and the territory where it is made.

A growing number of fans of wine are wine-tourists for a day, to discover the flavors and beauty of Tuscany.

Why not partecipate? The offer is wide: in Tuscany on Sunday, May 31st shall be open almost 130 wineries! It is easy to find places and organize a great trip with the directions from !

Cantine Aperte this year will promote the quality not only of wine but also of hospitality by the cellars, which will be identified by a clay glass of wine (symbol of the Movimento Turismo del Vino, the creator and organizer of the event). So the Movimento Turismo del Vino is not only certainty  of drinking good wine (not by chance that the motto of the Movement is "See what you drink"), but also certainty of a first class hospitality. !

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